Tentative Agreement Reached at AGM

Proposal for Return of Winnipeg Zone for 2019-2020 Season

The Board of Directors of the M5PBA has conditionally approved the application for the return of the Winnipeg Zone for the 2019-2020 season under the following conditions for acceptance:

A. Split costs 3 equal ways , rather than by lane beds
B. Winnipeg zone prepay a non-refundable $1000 deposit by August 15th
C. National player assessments remain at $500
D. Missing a zone assessment payment results in any bowlers from that zone being disqualified from advancement to provincial or national championships
E. For year one, Manitoba commits to send only singles and a mixed team to the C5PBA Open
F. Assessments to be capped - no capped dollar amount discussed, but if no participation from Winnipeg, we go back to the % split between the 2 remaining zones
G. Zone 3 needs to form an Association/Board, preferably with the following positions filled: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Tournament Director
H. Must be C5 members 
I. Zone 3 must present a viable financial plan
J. No changes to the current tournament formats
K. Zone 3 is required to have participation in all tournaments
L. If above conditions are met, they would be entitled to a vote - maybe next year
​Interested parties may contact M5PBA President Marilyn McMullan at [email protected] or Winnipeg Representative Christina Chaikowski at [email protected] to learn more or offer assistance.

Please be advised of the following updates to C5PBA National Events and M5PBA Events

C5PBA Youth Challenge - Postponed
C5PBA Inter-provincial Challenge - Postponed

M5PBA 2 Legit to Split Fundraiser - Postponed

The M5PBA has tentatively moved the 2020 Open Provincial Championships in Minnedosa from Easter Weekend to May Long Weekend.

As so much remains unknown at this time, more information about this event, as well as C5PBA National Championship plans, will be communicated in the upcoming weeks.

Regarding the Spring Cash Draw, should the Open be cancelled altogether, we plan to make the draws at our AGM. Regardless, we encourage no sales of tickets after the Easter weekend date.

Please visit our website or Facebook Page for the most timely updates.